About Us

We are glad to have you as our esteemed customer. Capital T-shirt was birthed by the idea of having custom-made apparel which provides our customers with a unique and special feel. For the time we have been in business, we have made a mark in the apparel market by ensuring every piece produced matches the customer’s needs. 

The main contributors to our success story are:

  1. Great Quality
  2. Affordable prices
  3. Exemplary Customer service

Our design team is made up of world-class designers with unmatched positive energy and a desire to create masterpieces. At Capital T-shirts we make dreams come alive. We allow our clients to be our co-creators and as a result, uniqueness becomes our mantra. 

We don’t just wake up in the morning to dump t-shirts into the market. We collaborate with our customers, listen to their needs, and take a keen interest in the sense of style. This way, we can custom make each order. We do not replicate any design, and this is because we have never found any two customers who have the same needs. See, we also bring out our customer’s unique way of thinking in the designs. 

Why Shop with us?

You are assured of the best quality. We put in the work on each piece that we produce. Our quality standards are quite high. We start our days with the determination to send you products that will make you happy and satisfied. 

We deliver within the shortest time possible. Orders within the United States take around 3-7 business days. International orders on the other hand take between 7 and 15 business days.

We make our T-shirts from soft material, and use the best printing technology to brand them. 

Despite all this, we still a pre-shipment inspection just to be sure we are sending the right products in the right quantities.